When trendy coffee culture and Italian award-winning pastry chefs come together you get Borsalia,

the new café concept in New York with its own pastry residency program. Representing and collaborating with star awarded Pastry Chefs and winners from the prestigious Chocolate International Awards from Italy, on a rotating basis.



Setting the tone for the unique experience customers will have,

Borsalia welcomes visitors inside to the picturesque and whimsical sight of an extraordinary giant coffee wheel chandelier hanging from the ceiling and decorative large chocolate bars around the store. Reimagined for the coffee lover, Borsalia’s wheel features a rotating selection of 15 different types of coffee that the customer can personalize to create his or her own custom blend. A functional novelty that is necessary at Borsalia, the wheel must be spun in order to dispense each coffee order.




Borsalia NoMad
A. 1165 Broadway - NoMad
T. +1 929-214-7192
Borsalia Williamsburg
Business Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Monday: Close
A. 79 Grand St - Williamsburg
T. +1 718-388-1999
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